Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thumbtacks paper clips mini bag tutorial

Mini bag tutorial for your office

This is an awesome sweet idea for your desk.
1. to start your mini bag you will need four pieces of fabric, use linen and cotton, linen for the exterior and cotton for the interior. I used a 4th of July print and beige linen. Use a thick linen.
2. Cut them in the same size 6" inches x 6" inches, this way when you sew on it will be the size of 5" inches because you need that extra fabric to sew around. so the mini bag will be 5" inc.
Once you have cut the size fabrics for your mini bag you attatch them together.

3. Place the right side of the print fabric on top of the linen.
4. Then you attatch the fabrics together in this form, the linen inside and the print fabric in the outside as you see here.

5. Sew them together in a square like you see here leaving one side open like this.

6. Now here in the corners just sew on each side 1 1/2 inches

7. This is how it should look once you sew the corners in the bottom, sew around the bag with the zigzag level 2 stitch to give it a nice look and even the edges , then you have to bring the inside out so that the linen be the right side out.

8. Fold out the part with the print and it will look like here in this photo, and this is how it will come out. 
"Cute and useful for your office or desk."

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