Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kitty fabric doll

An old friend; Fabric doll, old fashion style dolls.
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Lady kitty; vintage style fabric doll
Fabric doll
Made with a 100% linen, cotton, and lace
Sweet  kitty cat
Yes you can sit her anywhere. 
Sleep with her and play too.
A playfull kitty she is, give her the gift of home.
She loves chocolate and strawberries, 
and she loves to play at the same time.
Que adorable!
If you like her as much as I do, take her home.
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etsy; casapoema

Fabric doll
squinted eyes
vintage style fabric doll, 
I made her with tweety bird lips.
She's a unique old fashion doll style.
She's not a regular doll, she has a unique style, 
she wears a country vintage dress made with 
100% cotton fabric in small floral print.

Do you like her???
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Etsy Shop; casapoema
Etsy Shop; Etsy shop

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