Thursday, May 31, 2012

Car baby mobile tutorial

Car baby mobile tutorial♥
♥This will make a super awesome gift♥.
I'm sorry about the photos not uploaded correct, I kept trying but something was not letting me rotate.

1.These are the car baby mobile tutorial for today. You will be needing Felt any color you desire, embroider thread, scissors, paper  to cut your patterns, yarn, filling .
As you can see here the sewing is hand stitch of blanket stitch this stitch is a little more harder then the usual stitch, but I have a video here all the way in the bottom of this blog, I will make my own video soon..

2.Make your patterns in a thick paper and cut them out, for the car, wheels and windows, cut 4 circles for the wheels and for the windows, the wheels have small circles and larger, cut them all 4 and 4, the car is 5" inch across and 4" inch down..
You will need to make 5 cars for the mobile.

3.Here you can see how i cut the patterns very easy steps,

4.Chose your color felt and thread.
here when you cut the windows pattern, you will beging by attatching the windows to the car pattern like you see here, and sew together with the blanket stitch

5.Here is a tutorial video of the blanket stitch you will use for the cars.

6. Here is how the car mobile will look, I made it with some wooden sticks from a dry tree, all you have to do is get two pieces of  a branch and glue them together  like a cross,  you can use the glue gun to glue them together, then I used a hemp string to tie them together to make them firm, them you hang each of the cars on the sticks making a knot, simple and fun, I made the cloud to make it more fun, you can make this cloud the same way you make the cars, white felt and white thread, cut your pattern cloud then you cut the felt with two sides...if you need me to show a cloud pattern I will make one for sample..

This is how it will look♥

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  1. Great page, Elena! Those cars are super cute! This is really nice. =)

    <3, Kitty