Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cloud mobile

Cloud baby mobile tutorial ♥

1. These are baby mobile clouds for your baby or for your child, anywhere in the room it looks adorable..
To start this project you will need some fabrics with the colors you desire, a pattern with the size of cloud you will want to make, scissors, yarn, pins and stuffed filling, plus a stick to hang your clouds..I used a stick because it's very much in style now, to use organic things gives it a natural look..The strings you see there are not suppose to go like that, they are a bit too long I just didn't cut them shorter.You just hang your clouds on the stick and with some glue gun to stick it on the wall or you can nail the stick on the wall.

2. After you cut your pattern , cut the piece of yarn for the string you will need to hang the clouds, see it here..To sew on this you need to put the fabrics with the right side in , then you put on the string that you can have a little piece out in the upper side, the longer part of the string in the bottom where you will sew leaving in the middle edge of the cloud open so you can bring the cloud right side out, then you have to sew the small opening, before you sew you need to fill it with the stuffing..

3. Make sure before you turn the cloud inside out, cut with the scissors a small part in the edges like i pointed out here....because when you turn it inside out the fabric can be too tight if you don't cut the edges a little.