Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Whale pillow tutorial

whale pillow

1.This project is a very special one, I love whales and sea creatures, I made this one for you.
You will first need your fabric, linen will do a two piece of 13" x 13" inches, then the plaid fabric any color you desire, you will need a button and thread, if you ave worked with embroiding you will know how to make the blowhole water where they spit out,  to sew around the whale , you will sew in the zigzag stitch all around very slowly and in the level 2 stitch in your sewing machine, if your a beginner, please do this by hand first. It can be done by hand to practice.

2.Cut your pattern like a whale you can google whale pattern to see how they look and you can draw one. Thats how I did this one. When you make your pattern and have the square piece of fabric cut in 13 x 13 inch, you will attatch the whale on the middle of the fabric, and with pins you will hold the whale applique so then you can sew on..By hand if is best for you., use the wooden ring if you need to. After you sew on the whale applique, then you need to draw the two water lines vine with a pencil and hand embroider.
3. After you embroider and sew the whale on, you have to attatch the two sides of the pillow with the outside in to sew on the together leaving a small opening on the bottom of the pillow, this opening is to fill up the pillow with the poly fillng, after the pillow is fully filled, you have to sew on the small opening together to finish the work.

4. When you have everything sewed how you see it here, then you have to get your scissors and cut on the tip of each corner of the pillow very carefully that you don't cut the stitches , this is just to make the pillow more loss by the corners, because it will look tight in the corners if you don't cut the tip , see it here in the picture.
5. Then bring the pillow inside out and iron it a little bit.
.Then you need to fill it up with your poly filling.
then just sew on the bottom where you left the opening..You can't see it here in this pic, but there in the bottom the fabric is open in a small part.
You sew that opening and your done..
Please let me know in the comments if you enjoyed the tutorial or if you have any questions. If you decide to make your own whale pillow, please let me know and send me a pic for my personal collection! I would love to see what you make.
If anyone need more instructions please do so and let me know, and I will be happy to help you..
my email is elenatoledocreations19@yahoo.com ♥
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  1. This is a great one! It is a cute addition to any kids room :) Love it

    1. Aww!! my darling daughter, I know you love whales, thank you for stopping by. It gives me great happiness to see you here. ♥

  2. OMG!! I love whales, I want to make a pillow like this, and the plaid I love it!!