June 28, 2012

Today's activity is;

Puff the magic letters:

Today I've learn a few new project ideas. This is so cool and the easiest project ever. 
Use any bottle you want, buy some spray paint in the color you wish to create this awesome bottle decor letters, write a word with your glue gun , wait till is dry and, spray on your paint and "puff the magic letters", you got your letters pop up in the color you love. Isn't this awesome of an idea?  Bottle, spray paint, letters and a glue gun your set to go!  I'm getting my materials ready to start my project bottle. You should do one too. 
Make some craft with me.

Bottle decor Ideas for your home

Use any kind of bottle for this 

project. If you decide to make 

one, please send me a photo of 

your project for 

my collection.♥

Let's get started!!!!

I found these around and took this photo for an example. The bottle can be small , large and it can be of any color because you will be painting it anyways. I have use 
some Ragu bottles and baby food bottles to decorate them and lace them. You can create with any clear bottles. This way you can save some cash.

Came out super Cool!!


June 27, 2012
What ever tickles your pickle today!
It is always a surprise when you are a craftsy person, you never get bored and you always have the motivation floating in your thoughts. Craft is always present, everything you look at is something created by someone creative, love the feeling. I want to say THANK YOU very much for passing by, for visiting my blog, it makes me so very Happy, to see you here, leave a trace, Join and Subscribe to my Blog, and Follow me.Do all of that on the right side of my Blog. 

 "soothes your soul"
 "whatever floats your boat"
Well today what tickles my pickle is to share what Joy is all about. Joy is in us , not in things. Many times we are looking for someone or something to make us Happy when all we really need is to be Happy on our own. I don't need a person or a thing to be Happy, 
chose to be Happy and to enjoy every minute of your day, been thankful for what you have and using what you have in a daily basis without asking for more, because 
just by been alive and healthy, breathing, talking walking and doing all things the way 
God intended it's the most fulfilling thing you can have. Many people do not have these blessings. The joy comes within you, take it and wake it up, don't let it dormant.
And then with that Joy you have you can create many beautiful things with your ideas and thoughts, Ideas are always in us, we all have creativity in us. 
Place your hand on your chest, feel your heart, you are alive what more can you ask for.

                                                Have a joyful Day

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Have a Joyful Day


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Happy Day to you everyday, I'm having    a good day, What about you???


Thank you for passing by, keep the love flowing.

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