Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby owl pillow tutorial

Baby owl pillow ♥ 


1.To start your owl pillow you will be needing , two pieces of  fabric, your choice, felt, scissors, paper to cut your pattern for the eyes, body and nose, buttons for the center of the eyes, the felt is for the eyes and the fabric for the body.
2.Cut your pattern and then cut the fabric and felt into the body parts, the owl is 6" inches wide, and 7" inches long.

3.Here is the body of the owl cut, you should always cut the edge a little more then the pattern so you can have  enought space to sew and wont be too small after..

4.Here you have the eyes bigger and smaller circles and you need the buttons too, buttons will go after you sew all the eye parts in the pink felt circle..

5.If you already know how to machine sew, make your stitch in a zig zag  on level 3 stitch for the big circle of the eye.

6. After you sew on the eyes and the nose, you can handsew the buttons before you sew the body together.

7. When you finish with the eyes and buttons and nose you get both sides of the body turn inside out to sew them together, attatch them with pins around leaving a small edge to sew by, and leaving in the bottom of the body and small hole to fill the body with your poly filling. Of course when you sew this then around the edges please cut around the parts that are waved and pointed like on top of the ears cut the edge a little and around the rest, because if you don't cut just a small cut is good, so that the fabric wont be too tight after you turn it inside out..

8. This is where you need to cut around the edges, is only a little cut around .

9. If you see the fabric too wrinkle, just iron it a little in cotton medium high heat.

For the filling you can use a little stick that comes inside this bag to place the filling in all the corners of the body

10. You will have to sew machine or by hand the small hole we left open to put in the filling.

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  1. very cool mom! I love this little owl it's adorable and these are great tips on how to make them.

  2. Aww, thank you hun, i love your visit here..♥