Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Animal little felt wallets


Felt wallet tutorial♥

1. I love these little wallets, for the kids; girls and boys, they are made with felt fabric. Here I will show how easy they are to make, you can make them with any shape of animal for the front flap, or flowers and hearts..

2.You will need your paper pattern cut out like I'm showing here, scissors, embroider thread, needle for the stitch, this is a blanket stitch style.I will be showing the stitch later in my tutorial, you will need the sew-on hook & loop fastener for the closure of the wallet. you can buy the fastener at Joann or any fabric store.

3.First hand sew the applique you desire, animal or hearts etc on the front side of the wallet flap. Then you will sew in the sewing machine the hook fastener to the felt that goes inside. those are the two cut small pieces i show here in beige, sew it the middle of the felt one piece in each. After this is sewed, you attatch them to the other side of the felt, the exterior one with the applique, like you see it here.Hold it with some pins and hand sew the two sides together.

4. This is where you need to sew the fastener in the inside of the wallet on these two flaps before you sew the wallet cover together with the flaps..Then after the two small sides are sew with the fastener you sew the cover and the two sides together in blanket stich, now if you don't know how to use the blanket stitch just make it your own way, as long as they are sewed together like you see here.

 "blanket stitch" tutorial


  1. super cute! thank you for sharing your craft.

  2. Aww, so sweet, it's my pleasure. anythiing you think of you would like to learn let me know. I'm here to help..♥