June 29, 2012

So much fun with craft at my house

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I have an itch for PINK 

~Creating with pink is so girly and sweet, it gives me a soft 
and smooth feeling like I'm in a pink land.~

Sew in love with craft all the days of my life, craft is a hobby or a gift, 
what ever you might call it, it is an awesome thing to do..
I love the idea of making things on my own, of saving some money 
because out there accessories and other things are not worth paying for sometimes, 
better to make it yourself and save some cash. And your at home, in a cozy environment.
Things for the children, like decor pillows, baby mobiles, 
there are many things you can create on your own with some tutorials.
I have my awesome little studio, equippted with all I need.

I have an itch for PINK

Creating and getting new ideas is so much fun, always thinking of what is next, I tell you it gives me life and I feel i have so much to give. I feel that my purpose was to be this, I know! because it makes me happy and is a good, great thing..Craft is soomething that all people should consider because when you retire you will want to have something to keep you active, if there's nothing more to do craft is the thing!!

 Yellow pillow
Creating the russian dolls is very rewarding because everyone loves them.

These little dolls are the cutest thing ever, I love to create with them, making pillows or making the dolls.
They are so popular and sweet, I just love to make them.

Owls O how I love them!!!

Owls are unique among birds of prey in that they are silent in flight.
Owls are to me a very special bird.

psalms 102;6
"I am like a vulture of the wilderness, like an owl of the waste places"
                          I love to make owls, and I love how they look, they are
 beautiful birds among all birds God created.
So I love owls and that's why I love to make owl pillows.
Other of my love ones are Whales !

Phtography by; Eileen Garcia

                                  ~~~My little happy place~~~

 ~My love for craft is the reason I am here, ~
to show what I know and do it with love, 
your visit here really makes me very 
happy, I enjoy every minute with you here, 
get inspire and make your own cute stuff. 
I will be Happy to show you what I know and learned. 
~Thank you for visiting , please Join and follow me~


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