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I sew love the world of craft;

Hello everyone, I feel that I am so blessed to have this blog, to have the chance to proof myself  with what I love more, and that is crafting. I have a few things that I love to do, it's not all about crafting. I have a passion for writing poetry. I love to express what I feel in paper with words in prose, I enjoy my life more, and I feel that I have fulfill my goals, and why I am here in this planet. First my children , then the Lord, and then there's my passion for Poetry http://www.poemhunter.com/elena-toledo/  and Craft https://www.craftsy.com/user/759380/projects this is a website for projects that I make for tutorials. follow me on Facebook

Photography by Eileen Garcia

                                                       My books: At lulu.com

Article; Why men lie



Grandma; Soon I will be a granny with pride, "It's a boy"  grandson, and I just can't wait for that day..
I'm all loving to be a granny. My daughter Eileen Garcia, she's a photographer for weddings, parties etc. http://www.eileengarciablog.com/ and a wonderful cheerful daughter, she gives me so much motivation and faith in myself. One thing I didn't mention, I was born in Cuba, I came to the United States at the age of  9, and now I'm 53, lived all my life in Miami Florida, and in New York City. And I have a son too, his name is Luis and he is a darling son, love's his mom very much,. My children are grown and old hahaha, Im not a baby's mommy anymore..But I see them as babies. ♥


Vacation in Massachusetts Province Town.♥

This is my son, lives with me in Miami Florida, can ask for a better son. 
He works hard as an Electrician.

Photography by Eileen Garcia

My darling daughter Eileen, she lives in L.A. California. Works as a Photographer.

~This is where Eileen my daughter works while she's off from working Photography.~
L.A. California. Awesome place to be!! 
If you visit California in L.A. visit this place it ROCKS!!

 ~My love for craft is the reason I am here, ~
to show what I know and do it with love, 
your visit here really makes me very 
happy, I enjoy every minute with you here, 
get inspire and make your own cute stuff. 
I will be Happy to show you what I know and learned. 
~Thank you for visiting , please Join and follow me~



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  1. Love this! Your blog looks wonderful mom! Good job!

    1. Thank you my darling daughter, you mean the world to me. Take care of my little bird. I love you so..

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Mom ♥