Friday, June 15, 2012

Bow hair clip

Bow clip tutorial
♥ This makes an awesome little gift ♥

This is a cute zebra print hair clip bow.
1. To start this project you will be needing the following materials, scissors, 
fabric of your choice color, if  you like it in two colors or not,  a bobby pin, 

2. Cut the fabric in 4" x 3" inches the body part, then the small piece for the middle cut it 4" x 2" inches. This part of the middle have to be sewed like you see here, the pin is marking where you need to sew and the way across the long side.

3.  Fold the body fabric for and sew on by starting in the middle of the fabric sew around in a square like the fabric, when you get to the begining where you started to sew before getting to the end, you have to leave an opening of about 1 1/2" inch so you can bring the fabric inside out. When you finish sewing this piece before bringing it insdie out, cut the corner a bit and all the extra fabric around.

4. You can see here the parts that are sewed, in the large piece in the middle theres an opening that you have to leave. So then you can bring out the right side out, and then sew together that opening to finish the bow, in the small piece you need to cut on the side that is not sew with your scissor cut just a very small cut on the edge of the top like you see here, so you can turn it inside out with a bobby pin...

5. Heres how it will look after you have sewed and turn over.
The little piece of fabric that is to hold the bow together, you have to handsew right in the middle of the bow, maybe you need to cut the piece a little bit so it wont be too long to fold over the bow. Sew it in the back side of the bow, 

~Make your cute little bow for you or for a gift~

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  1. Everyone that likes bows should learn this tutorial, big bows are 12 dollars in America apperal and other stores..Great tutorial.♥