Thursday, July 12, 2012


Crochet bow tutorial;

~Cute and easy to make crochet bow~                 

I wanted to make this tutorial for 
the young girls and the mommies 
that have a baby girl. 
This is an easy  to make and 
very adorable 
embelish for the girls.
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Steps to make the bow;
The text on the pictures 
"read list" means read 
below each picture.

Chain of  5

Join to the begining chain  loop and chain 4

Grap the yarn twice around the hook

Going into the center of the ring and bringing yarn 
out we have 4 in the hook

Grap the yarn over pulling 2 we have 3

Grap the yarn over pulling 2 we have 2 left on hook

Grap the yarn over pulling 2 we have one left on hook

Make this 5 rounds to make part of the bow. 
The same steps you just saw here until you reach 5 rounds
You have here 1 round, we don't count the 4 chain 
one that you saw in the begining of the steps

Here you are grabing the yarn and doing the steps listed, 
you keep on till you reach the 5 rounds.

Here we have the 5 rounds

Now 4 chain to finish up one side petal

In through the loop and grap the yarn over 

Now grap the yarn

and pull it through

When you have the yarn pull through the loop we start now the other side

Make a chain of 4 to start the other side

Here the chain of 4 and grap the yarn 2 times on the hook

Here we have the same steps of the begining, make the rounds up to 5

5 rounds done 

finish and pull the yarn out cutting atleast  10 inches long

to go around the bow with the remaining yarn and 
covering the middle ring

Make a knot to finish secure it firm.
Then you can use a metal clip, bobby pin or an alligater clip

Bow finished

I hope everyone that stops by to learn this 
tutorial will make it easy as i did.
I posted many pictures to give you a good tutorial
on how to crochet step by step the stitches.

I'm very happy to see you here, please come back..

~Love Elena~

Please let me know in the comments if you enjoyed the tutorial or if you have any questions. If you decide to make your own whale pillow, please let me know and send me a pic for my personal collection! I would love to see what you make.If anyone need more instructions please do so and let me know, and I will be happy to help email is ♥sew in love with craft is happy to see you here...♥more tutorial projects atCraftsy, casapoema Etsy,..livefreehipp Etsy,..

 ~My love for craft is the reason I am here, ~
to show what I know and do it with love, 
your visit here really makes me very 
happy, I enjoy every minute with you here, 
get inspire and make your own cute stuff. 
I will be Happy to show you what I know and learned. 
~Thank you for visiting , please Join and follow me~



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  1. This is so cute and I will be making some. I make all kinds of neat girly things come on over and join me!

  2. I love this tutorial.. very details step by step. i'm gonna try it.. thank u :)

  3. Che bello questo tutorial!!! scusami per il ritardo ma volevo ringraziarti del commento e al più presto preparerò un tutorial dei cuori!!
    a presto Antonella

  4. Ciao!!! ho linkato il tuo tutorial nel mio blog di tutorial!!! grazie e baci!!!

  5. This is so pretty, thank you so much for sharing, what # crochet did you used and what type of yarn?

  6. Adorable! I used this bow pattern to put on the head of a pink amigurumi whale I made my daughter. Turned out great, thank you.

  7. Grazie giusto ciò di cui avevo bisogno molto ben spiegato

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