Sunday, June 9, 2013

Patch shorts with lace

Stylish your shorts tutorial

~~Happy 4th of July~~

Show off your short shorts with on american 4th of July look.
and lace it up too♥

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1. All you need to make this style short patch is a pair of jean shorts, a piece of  fabric a scissor, some fabric glue or pin to hold the cut pattern to the shorts  so you can sew on.. I say fabric glue because is a good way of holding down the fabric while you sew it on., but you can use pins too.. use only a little bit of glue spots around to keep it glue superficially.

2. You need to make  the pattern tracing it with the fabric on top 
of the short on the right or left, where ever you choice to put the fabric. Then after you have the 
fabric trace cut it around evenly to fit the space on the short, just how you trace it you cut it there.

3. Trace it with a pencil or a pen.

4. Now that is cut out.

5. Glue on the areas around, not too much.

6. Place the fabric on the shorts on top of the glue and firm to glue both fabrics.

7. Then if you don't know how to use the sewing machine to do this because it can be a little difficult  if  you don't know much how to handle the machine, you can just sew on the fabric pattern on by handsew., all around in a small stich so it can be firm so the stitches wont unsew from the fabric.

8. I sewed mine in the sewing machine. you can do yours as you desire.

Sewed in the machine!!

~~~~Finished project Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!!~~~~
I hope you'l loved it!!

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  1. Your always so creative sis. Love this idea, It's really stylish, I have seen it alot, need to make me one!!!♥ this blog is cool!!

  2. Cool mom these are great for the beach