Saturday, June 16, 2012

4th of July garland

Garland tutorial

Inspire by this Day, 4th of July garland tutorial.

        ~Happy 4th of July~

I want to say to all my dear friends and family to 
enjoy this day with alot of happines and hope.
We are all here for a purpose, 
let that purpose in you bring the best of you. 
Go and do wonderful and lovely things, 
enjoy this day with faith and love, 
with happiness that your alive.
with thankfulness and gratefulness 
to what you have.
We live in a Beautiful Country and we 
should painted with love..♥

1. This is a great decorative idea for your home or yard for the 4th of July.
You will be needing only a few things, 
1. scissor
2. hemp fabric
3. cotton fabric 4th of July print
4. Hemp string
5. Glue gun
6. a sewing machine or handmade is find too.

2. Here are all the materials you need, and the pattern, you can cut this pattern on your own shape. You can cut them in 3" x3" inch and the heart to be a size to fit the square hemp. Cut a piece of hemp string 50" inches long.

3. If you sew it with the machine heres an example.

4. Here is the glue gun and the garland example, glue it in the back side, just a bit will do good, when you glue it hold it a few seconds and blow air to dry quick, be careful with the glue gun hot.

5. The garland is 50" inches long, that comes to around 4' feet 1/2. When you finish the onlt thing to do is make a small knot leaving a circle on each end of the string  to hang it anywhere. It makes on awesome garland decor.

~Have a Happy 4th of July~

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  1. Great idea for the 4th of July, i would love to have a party, maybe i will make one of these flag garland it's awesome and cute!!♥

  2. Aw.... this is perfect for a backyard party for the 4th.