Saturday, June 16, 2012

Idea gift for Dad

Father's Day gift idea....♥
Make it yourself.....♥

~~Keep it simple for daddy~~

 ~A father's day Idea for those who like the simple things, the kids can make this easy craft gift~

~I made this picture decor for Dad, I hope you like it for your Dad too, this can go in dad's office or any other place that he would love to have it.~

1. You will be needing these simple things, a wooden frame, or any other frame you  might have solid enough, felt in many colors, a ruler stencil, a marker, a glue gun, scissors and a piece of hemp string. 

2. you need to cut out a small pattern for the heart, and cut a few colors of heart with the felt.

3. When you cut and glue the hemp string be careful with the hot glue gun please..You need to let it dry good before you do anything else with the frame.

4.  Daddy can hang this awesome "I ♥ Dad" frame anywhere to be reminded how much you love him.♥

Happy Father's Day  Daddy!
We love you 
with all of our 

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  1. Hey this is really nice and easy to make, I want one for the kids Dad.♥

    love your ideas and your blog..


  2. this is great mom and really sweet!

  3. Thank you sweetie, I hope your day is awesome. love mom.

  4. AWWW... i wish I wouldve seen this before Fathers day!! I love it. Ill have Amaru make this for Raul next year. :)