Friday, July 6, 2012

Wee sachets

Lavender sachets;
Tutorial: This wee lavender cushion is a scented home decoration 
with soothing and relaxing touch, waiting only for you! :)

This unique sachet is all sewn out of vintage cotton 
and repurposed fabrics patches of linen.

Let's get started with the tutorial;
You will need the following;

1. Get your pieces of vintage repurposed fabrics
or other.
2. Ribbon of your choice color.
3. Scissors
4. Stuffing filling.
5. Lavender herbs.
6. Sewing machine.

All that you need is what you see here and the 
stuffing plus your sewing machine.

Cut three pieces or make it with more 
then three pieces of fabric;
and the back side in one piece.

You can make a pattern square in the size you desire, 
this one is a 4" x 4" inches

Sew your pieces together for the front side 
and here is how you need to put the ribbon to
hang the sachet. When you put together the fabrics to sew,
they have to be both right sides facing each other, 
then when you sew then leave an opening in the bottom of the sachet.

You might want to iron the front and back pieces of 
fabrics before sewing together or after.

Cut your heart, make a pattern if you need to and 
then cut the heart using the pattern you created.

The heart all sewn in the center.

Here you can see the opening left to place in the filling, 
don't use only a little amount of filling to make it a little puffy because you 
will have to sew over it and you can't do it with too much stuffing inside.

Bring out the right side of the sachet after you sew 
it all around leaving the opening.
Using this amount of stuffing is good and the lavender herb.

Stuffing in by the opening

Lavender herb

Sew the opening after you have put in 
the stuffing and Lavender.
To make the effect you see here around the sachet, 
I sewed it around the square about 1/2 inch in, 
and it gives this look that makes it puffy

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  1. these are great as little gifts or just to put around the house. very cute