Monday, July 9, 2012

Ice cream month

In Miami;
 FREE ; Wedsneday is Bogo for classic sundae!
Free wednesday ice creams.
In L.A California; Best ice cream

National Ice Cream Month is held in each year in July in the United States Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month in 1984. He also named the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day. Reagan recognized the popularity of ice cream in the United States (90% of the nation's population consumes ice cream) and stated that these two events should be observed with "appropriate ceremonies and activities." Here in Miami Florida ice cream is consumed more than any other state in the United States. We have alot of heat in this state and is not 3 months, Florida has a 9 month or almost all year with high tempertures. We need the cool and SMOOTH ice cream to relief the temperture in our body. Ice cream has been to me the best treat you can give your body when is hot, and i don't want to forget WATER does the body good. A variety of ice cream in the Ice cream Shops arer getting so Yummy..I specialy love the Haagen-Dazz ice cream is yummy. If you have diabetes or your on a diet and you love ice cream here's my suggestion Sugar Free Ice Cream.
Delicious-Delicioso Ice Cream

click; Delicioso
Helados de Frutas
Fruit ice creams here

 Family fun day;

Fun for the family 
Who; Ice cream lovers of all ages
What; cool off from the hot summer sun, make your own ice cream sundae, and participate in numerous games and activities
Where; Museum of Early Trades and Crafts, 9 Main Street, Madison. NJ
When;Saturday, July 14 from 1 pm-3 pm
Cost; $3/members,$5/non-members
If you really love ice cream, you can hire Paulie’s Ice Cream Truck, a vintage Good Humor truck, to come to your kid’s party, a summer block party, or any other party! Or takeMarzullo’s 5 scoop sundae challenge!
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