Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tutorial video how to embroider a fabric necklace

                                                                 Video Tutorial ♥

1.This tutorial is in my youtube site with some more videos, 
Here i will show you how to embroider a necklace with fabric, 
I use 100% linen fabrics and embroider thread, you can buy these materials at Joann or Michaels stores.
You need a wooden or plastic ring, needles thread, scissors, pencil, and a chain with hook closure and of course a vast love for craft.♥

2.You can buy embroider thread at Joann or Michaels or a fabric store.

3.Remember to get your ring and linen fabric to make your pattern

4.You need a chain in silver, bronze or gold  plated and the closure for the chain you will find all at Michaels.

5.And remenber the lace.
Please if theres anything you do not understand feel free to message me at

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